We opened April 18, 2015 – – – it was cold, rainy and we were excited.

So much has happened in the last 3 years – but one of the best “happenings’ is our partnership with Dumb Friends League in Colorado.

Here are two examples – with pictures.

Imagine you are Rolo – living in a kennel for more than 120 days. Rolo out of state transport

Every day you hope this is the day someone walks down that long noisy corridor – – – looks into your eyes and says “You want to come live with me?” 120- long, long days and nights.

Then, all of a sudden you are in a van going to another kennel where you spend the night.

Then, you get on another van and travel overnight to Colorado along with 25-30 other homeless, but hopeful, dogs.

You get off the van, they check you out and you’re snow on the adoption floor (whatever that means).

And in just two short days, you’re in your forever home.

TWO – – DAYS !!!! only TWO DAYS!!!

The next picture is Riley. Riley out of state transports

He lived in a shelter for one whole, 365 days, year!!!! The same scenario as above.

Riley makes the trip to PAAS, spends the night, then rides overnight to Dumb Friends League in Denver.

Riley is so adorable, he comes up on the adoption floor as soon as he gets off the bus and is adopted the SAME DAY!!!!

Hmmm 365 days of waiting at an over-crowded shelter – and adopted at Dumb Friends League within only a few hours.

This is why we transport.