PAAS is a transfer hub for homeless dogs/cats/puppies/kittens.

We currently have 20+ municipal shelters and/or 501©3 rescues who are our partners.

And 3,500+ dogs/cats/puppies/kittens have made the trip to Dumb Friends League in Denver.

So if you use a multiplier of 5 (each dog would have increased the population by 5 had they not been “fixed” ) – – you get this staggering number.

And 5 is a conservative number.

3,500+ (DFL), 800+ local Spay/Neuters (Pets for Life and Pet Over Population grants).

  • First year – 4,300 fewer puppies/kittens
  • Second year (4,300 x 5) – 21,500 fewer puppies/kittens
  • Third year (21,500 x 5) – 107,500 fewer
  • Fourth year (107,500 x 5) – 537,500 fewer

We can’t transfer our way out of overpopulation, but we can transfer and Spay/Neuter our way out of over population – and it should be a long-term Spay/Neuter commitment.

If implemented, the transfer organization would be able to reach isolated communities and rescue/save the unwanted/homeless dogs and cats.

And the transfer needs to be regular – at least twice a month, with 30 to 40 pets.

It took us awhile at PAAS to figure this out.

At first, we would build up to getting a transport – it was emotional, labor-intensive and, as a result, employees and volunteers were exhausted.

Today, if you come on Monday or Tuesday to visit – we’ll show you who’s headed to Dumb Friends League on Tuesday night.

Wednesday – lots and lots of cleaning.

Thursday and Friday – lots and lots and lots of data work to get ready for the Monday/Tuesday magic.

We’re a hub, it finally adds up, and we’re saving homeless/unwanted pets – and giving municipal rescues and 501©3 foster-based rescues an organized program to help them with the pet overpopulation program.

Especially gratifying are our partner municipal shelters who no longer face over-crowding that leads to euthanizing for space.

It finally adds up – – and the numbers are amazing!!!