When you make out your Christmas list for family and friends — please do a lot of soul searching if a “pet” is on the list for a family member or loved one.

If they haven’t specifically asked for a pet – many times over — and you know they truly want the responsibility — then visit a shelter or foster organization and find the perfect present.

All too often, though, the gift giver assumes the recipient will love the gift of a wriggly/purring gift that requires food, water, attention and so much more.

Sadly, when the desire to be a responsible pet owner isn’t there — the pet will end up in a shelter or with a rescue and be looking for another “forever” home.

Pet ownership is a long-term commitment — not everyone wants to make that commitment.

It’s okay if you realize you like other people’s pets – but you do not want to join the “pet owner” club — you just want to be the visiting aunt/uncle who spoils the pets belonging to their family.

When you look into the eyes of the dogs in this picture – it is easy to see why people become pet owners — I mean — how can you resist.

However, just as you can love a baby, toddler or teenager — it doesn’t mean you want to be responsible for them.

If that’s the case – be a pet sitter, volunteer at an animal rescue and/or make frequent visits to your family members with pets.

Love on ‘em and leave ‘em – – – it really is the right thing to do.

Here’s the story to go with the pictures:

A happy ending for a dog that made the long journey to DFL in Denver.

Caitlyn is a Volunteer that fosters so many puppies.

Her parents adopted Vanna from last Wednesday’s Transfer.

Vanna had an adoption hold on her, and Caitlyn’s parent’s sat in the shelter for some time waiting for the time to expire.

It did and she now has a wonderful life in Denver!

And, a dog friend to boot!

So, if you’re not ready for pet ownership responsibility – be sure and convey it to Santa Claus, your family and friends. It’s the right thing to do.