PAAS has a wonderful partnership with Denver Dumb Friends League in Colorado.

Our PAAS Ride-to-Rescue van leaves Vinita sometime after 7:30 pm every Tuesday and arrives in either Castle Rock or Denver the next morning.

Making the trip are 25 – 40 dogs (sometimes cats) that settle in for the night in their crate on the van.

Midway, in Colby Kansas, the drivers will make a stop for a doggy potty break.

And, yes, the next morning we wait for the phone call (or the pictures on Facebook) that tell us they’ve safely arrived.

Regulars like Lisa, Cathy, and Dale are our superstars.

Think about it…..they drive part-way, stop and unload, walk, reload all the adult dogs (puppies never!!).

All night they’re on-the-road-again!

They get a good night’s sleep on Wednesday and then head back to Vinita.

Gerry, Mike, and Doug fill in when we need them and Lori and Jim have driven for us this year as well.

3,700 (and counting) homeless Oklahoma pets have found a new home in Colorado.

We would have never been able to find homes for a fraction of that number in Oklahoma.

In addition, every time we save an animal it opens a space to save another.

So the PAAS Ride-to-Rescue train is saving Oklahoma pets….our drivers make the trip possible, the rescue/municipal shelter partners are part of the team and the PAAS Team in Vinita is the best ever.

It takes a village to raise a child.

It takes teamwork to save Oklahoma dogs and cats.

When you see our bus – wave!!! We’re saving lives.

For the animals, Kay.