Eighteen months ago, we were taking the homeless dogs and cats to Oklahoma State University’s Veterinary School to be “fixed”.

What we quickly realized is there were far more homeless animals than there are people wanting to adopt.

Soooo, we went to Plan B – transport out-of- state….and we had no idea just how life-saving and successful it was going to be.

Here you will see a picture of our first van – which made the trips to Oklahoma State University.

The second picture is our new van – we took delivery this week.

It will be making the weekly trek to Dumb Friends League in Colorado, loaded with animals eager to find their new home.

And, if they haven’t been “fixed”, DDFL will see to it before they are adopted.

2017 is going to be a banner year for us.

Our transfers will grow, we’ll collaborate with other rescues and increase our out-of- state transfers.

We’re excited for the future – – not only for PAAS – – but for the animals who come through our doors.

Honk and wave when you see our van. It means we’re on-the- road again – – just like Willy Nelson used to sing about.