We broke ground for PAAS in February 2014.

I do remember looking at the plans, the site and feeling somewhat overwhelmed at the challenges we would probably face moving forward.

Fortunately, I couldn’t see into the future.

We officially opened in April 2015 and waited, with eager anticipation, for adopters to come streaming through the door.

We had the dogs and cats – in spades – but what we didn’t have were enough adopters – not even close.

Today – 3 years after opening – we are a transfer station for homeless dogs and cats headed to Dumb Friends League in Colorado.

And, the Denver Post ran the story on the front page, above the fold, Sunday edition.

It just doesn’t get any better than that for a story to get read.

The transition hasn’t been easy – and we struggled defining how to best maximize our efforts to find homes for the 2,000+ dogs (and a few cats) that have passed through our sally port and spent one or more nights in a kennel.

But we have it down to a science – and if you go to www.Denverpost.com – and type in “out of state shelter dogs welcome” – you will see the first of two stories.

To make it easy on you, you can find the story on our Oklahoma rescue dogs and how out-of-state shelter dogs are finding new homes in Colorado HERE and the story of Moon Pie, now Kadie, HERE.

And there’s a video on the Denver Post YouTube page as well that you can see below.

So, when you visit us on Monday and Tuesday, we’re busy – there are dogs barking and vans pulling in with homeless dogs who will be making the overnight trip on Tuesday to Colorado.

Wednesday – Friday – – the kennels are sanitized, outdoor runs cleaned, equipment readied to make the trip on the following Tuesday and all the extensive paper work is downloaded to spread sheets, a closed Facebook group, and health certificates are gone over with a keen eye – including a signature from a veterinarian.

It works – we are a well-oiled operation.

With a staff of 7 and 5 drivers who rotate the trips – we “get ‘er done” every week.

Do take the time to look at the stories in the Denver Post – the reporter – Kevin Simpson – and the photographer – Helen Richardson – did an excellent job capturing the heart of what we do – every week.

And here is that video: