Thanks to financial support from PetSmart Charities, the Flint Family Foundation and HSUS Pets for Life, we’re able to help pet owners prevent unwanted litters – not only for Vinita with Pets for Life – but the surrounding area as well.

This week, it was so brought home to me when a young woman came in to fill out the Pet Over-Population form.

It was so clear they loved their pets, but $40 – and up for a spay/neuter was not ever going to be in their reach.

$10 – – they could find in their monthly income.

She had tears in her eyes when she thanked me for the help.

In the midst of all the sadness (and recovery) of Harvey and Irma – it helps to see first hand something positive.

For the hundreds of pet owners in this area who love their animals and struggle everyday to put food on the table, clothe the family and have money left over for pet food, giving them a hand up makes all of us feel good.

We know the benefit of pet ownership, even for those who are homeless.

Having something that provides unconditional love can make a challenging world better.

And there is statistical proof of the relationship between animal/elder/child/spousal abuse.

A huge thanks to our area veterinarians who play a key role in both programs.

If you know any of the following – please take time to say “thank you” when you see them.

Dr. Danny Lankford, Dr. Tina Bass, Dr. Liz Fulbright, Dr. Andy Broadus, Dr. Renee Hammer, Dr. Vic Boyer, Dr. Jay and Dr. Parker, Dr Mark Robertson.

Working together – we’re preventing unwanted litters of kittens and puppies.