If you have an accountant in your family – or you are the numbers person for your family – this blog should be right up your alley.

Thanks to good data bases and the people who’ve input the information, here are the numbers for the past 14 months transports.

They are impressive – really impressive.

But the best part is that each number represents a dog (or cat) that has come into the facility – then gone on to a new home.

1,307 total animals – 268 adopted either locally or thru PetSmart – – the remainder 1,039 are living the good life in Colorado (a few in Wyoming).

The answer to over population is in 3 segments.

First – transfer out of state; Second – Spay/Neuter; Third – Education.

Pet Rescue

There will always be stray/abandoned animals, but over time they become fewer and further apart. The numbers will be manageable.

Just like religion and families, each rescue has their own set of rules (either written or unwritten). And one set of rules does not apply to everyone.

For PAAS and the rescues/shelters who work with us – our primary goal is transport out-of- state.

It’s working, really working and we’re saving lives.

Stay tuned, keep your calculator plugged in and follow us as we continue to grow, add innovative programs and truly make a difference in northeastern Oklahoma.

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