When you drive past 628 Wilson – look at the new PAAS sign.

It shows our van, PAAS Ride to Rescue, Pets for Life, our phone number and the very important words “Pets for Life Resource Center 918-240- 7950”.

Two years ago our mission stated we would save thousands of homeless pets.

And, today, we are – – it’s just not the way it was originally envisioned.

As a transfer station, 30 – 45+ dogs (and some cats) head to a new home in Colorado every Tuesday night.

As a result, you see fewer homeless dogs and cats roaming the streets of Vinita.

Our Oklahoma partners, many of them municipal shelters, no longer face over-crowding in their kennels.

At the moment 28 rescues/shelters are our Oklahoma partners.

Many of them, in turn, rescue from other shelters/rescues – – so 35+ in total are part of our transfer program.

And the number continues to grow as the good word spreads.

A huge thanks goes to the PAAS Board who was willing to let us find a solution.

Next are our donors, each and every one makes a difference in the life of one of our rescues.

Grants play a key role in the funding and growth of our programs.

Partnerships with organizations like Dumb Friends League of Colorado provide a destination point.

And, last, but most importantly, a staff of 7 make the organization run like a well-oiled machine.

Our next goal is expansion of the NOCC inmate/shelter dog training program.

We now have two training organizations selecting dogs from our program.

One is in training for a young person with Asperger’s and one has passed the high standard to be trained as a mobility dog (think open doors, close doors, pick up things on the floor).

It’s an exciting time to be at PAAS.