The willingness to meet in the middle is all too often the biggest stumbling block to solving a problem.

We see it all the time in the world of politics – – it’s as though no matter what – compromise and/or meeting in the middle – is not going to happen.

All too often, as a result, nothing happens.

This week one of our funders, PetSmart Charities, made a site visit to PAAS.

In the world of non-profit it can be as tense as when the Inspector General lands at a military installation.

For us, it was a great opportunity to showcase our transfer program.

PAAS has an amazing staff and the dogs (and cats) who find new homes in Colorado, every week, are the beneficiaries.

Steve and Jenny gave us the opportunity to tell our story, observed our system, took pictures and asked lots of good questions.

The staff had the answers!!!

So, because we collaborate (meet in the middle) with Dumb Friends League in Colorado and because all our partners follow the DFL protocol, we successfully run our Ride to Rescue transfer program that has saved 3,000+ dogs (and lots of cats).

And each week, I am amazed at how smoothly it goes – and always relieved when Rhonda lets me know the transfer has safely arrived in Colorado.

I truly believe there is little, if any, progress made unless you are willing to collaborate.

What it really means is you are willing to adjust your beliefs and actions so you can have a productive relationship with another person or entity.

For us, at PAAS, it is the partnership with DFL.

We’re saving lives every week.

It would not be possible without collaboration.

And our Oklahoma/Arkansas partners agree.