By now, anyone who’s around me for very long knows I’m passionate about prison dog training programs.

I saw the magic – – yes magic – – that can happen while at another organization.

Sarge, the snippy, growly Schnauzer that no one wanted – went to the dog training program at Lexington Prison.

Today, thanks to the training by Mr. Miller (an inmate) – Sarge is the resident greeter/therapy dog at the Norman Veterans Center.

We now have a similar dog training program started at Northeast Oklahoma Correctional Center.

Today, at a luncheon, I had the opportunity to talk about George, Jackson and their trainers.

PAAS Dog Training Program

The conversation during lunch centered on the positive effect the dogs have had on everyone who comes in contact with them.

They are changing lives – and in the process the inmate trainers are saving the lives of both dogs.

George was scheduled to be “euthanized/put down” – nice words for killed – – the day he was rescued.

Today, he’s a happy, tail-wagging bundle of joy.

And inmates are asking what do they need to do to be part of this program – – it’s a positive step – for everyone.

George on the left, Jackson on the right.

More importantly, there’s the undisputed connection between humans and animals.

Type Go to YouTube – type in The Dogs of Lexington (linked below). Watch the magic unfold.

Then type in: – inmates changing their lives, making a difference and when they are released – less than 10% of those in the program re-offend.

It works – – it really works.

We rescue/save dogs and cats. In return they rescue/save us.

Gypsy, our resident entertainer, can sit on my head and make me laugh, watching George and Jackson obey their trainers warms my heart – and if I need a really big boost – – I watch The

Dogs of Lexington – – that experience changed my life.