The Peaceful Animal Adoption Shelter opened in late April of 2015.

The mission was to save hundreds of dogs and cats in northeastern Oklahoma. And, we’re doing it!!!!

In the total picture of animal rescue for this area, other rescues/shelters are finding their way as well. At the end of the day/month/year – – collectively we’re making a difference.

For PAAS, the new direction is transfer to Denver Dumb Friends League and other 501(c)3 organizations in Colorado and Wyoming.

Looking back at a year ago, we were transferring out-of- state once or twice a month. PAAS and Denver Dumb Friends League

We used alpaca trailers and Clydesdale horse trailers. Next came a transport van.

In the works is a bigger van so we can transfer more dogs – and occasionally cats.

Now we are on-the- road every Tuesday (and sometimes Friday) with 25+ dogs each trip.

The week of September 26th there were 52 dogs safely delivered.

When you look at all of us in rescues in northeast Oklahoma – – we are finding solutions.

Each rescue finds their own path – but all of us are together on one thing – Save the Homeless Dogs and Cats who do not have a voice.

What is especially encouraging is the number of rescues in the state – and one in Arkansas – who have partnered with us.

We certainly have had some bumps along the way as we got it organized, and there will be bumps in the future.

But for now, 16 rescues/shelters are in our pipeline. We’re so happy for the dogs. They deserve a home.

We’ve gone through many changes and there’s more to come, but we know that down-the-line we’ll look back and go WOW – – – we did it.

Thanks to everyone who supports us. It takes $$$$ to feed, vaccinate, and transfer.

We are: PAAS – Ride to Rescue!!!