PAAS broke ground February 27, 2014. We opened April 17, 2015. So much has happened since then.

Here are some 2017 Figures to put it in perspective:

  • Vinita pound rescues = 154
  • Owner/Surrender = 70
  • Family pets “fixed” = 406
  • Feral Cats “fixed” = 50
  • Families helped = 210

Surrounding areas:

  • Pets “fixed” = 586
  • Stray Momma dogs = 10
  • Puppies = 84
  • Owner Surrender = 96
  • Strays = 78

For those who worked with us when a stray showed up at their house, we’re so thankful.

They cared enough to bring the dog in for shots, take it home for a required period of time and then bring it back to head to Colorado and a new home.

For some, it was hard to understand why we couldn’t bring a stray with no history into the shelter, but once they realized why – almost without exception – – they worked with us.

Thanks to all of you.

If you add all the animals and realize they will never contribute to an unwanted litter, you begin to realize the significance of spay/neuter (fixed) and the key it plays in changing the outcome for homeless dogs and cats.

We transport every Tuesday night, 30+ homeless dogs (and a few cats) to Dumb Friends League in Colorado.

We follow their protocol (our 15+ regional partners also follow the protocol) so if an animal has been spayed, it will be on the adoption floor within 24 hours.

The average length of stay is less than 5 days – that includes puppies, momma dogs and those that haven’t been fixed.

We knew we were doing some really good when the Denver Post called and asked to do a story.

We said yes and the rest is history.

We were the lead story, front page, of the Denver Post on Sunday, February 25th.

The response has been amazing!!!!

To all of you who’ve worked with us this past year to ensure healthy dogs made it on transport – – a huge, huge, huge thanks.

A special thanks to the Richardson, Rexwinkle Birthing Center – a division of PAAS.

It takes a village and PAAS has a tremendous village of dedicated caring people.