The program at NOCC (Northeast Oklahoma Correctional Center) is a continuing reminder of the power of forgiveness that can happen between a person and a homeless dog.

We see it every week when we visit.

Google the following: Pawsitive Change (a division of; (the original program started by Sister Pauline Quinn);  Camerado, I Give You My Hand; or check out our recent post with the video on The Dogs of Lexington.

This is a start to a journey that can be life-changing not only for the dogs, but especially for the inmates who train them.

PAAS Prison Dog Training Program

With more than 61,000 inmates in the Oklahoma prison system, we have the second highest incarceration rate in the country; are prisons are at 119%+ capacity; and 77% of Oklahomans personally know someone who has been sent to a correctional facility.

If you do further research on the internet, you will find countries that have low incarceration rates.

This translates not only into money saved, but the lives of their families.

Data proves 70% of the children who have one or more parent incarcerated will become one of the statistics.

We see the transformation of the inmates as we work with them.

They learn compassion, how to give and receive love, confidence in training a high-energy, goofy, scared, big, little, four legged animal.

At the same time, they transform the life of the dog in their care.

Attend a graduation, witness the transformation, learn more about changing the outcome.

Ask anyone who works for PAAS – – we’ll be happy to regale you with true stories. We believe in second chances.