HSUS Pets For Life and PAAS: An Effective Partnership for Animals

Pets for Life (PFL), a program of The Humane Society of the United States, provides free veterinary care services and information to people and their pets in communities with limited or nonexistent access to pet wellness resources. Pets For Life - Humane Society

PFL achieves this with delivery of direct care and through mentorship, training and support of local organizations like PAAS.

PAAS became a Pets for Life mentorship group in early 2017.

By building relationships based on trust with underserved communities and understanding the complexities of pets living in poverty, PFL acts as a bridge to the services people want and need for their pets.

This approach provides people with a go-to resource for their pets and keeps pets healthy and happy in the homes they already have.

The program philosophy is one embraced fully by PAAS — a lack of financial means does not equate to a lack of love felt for and provided to a pet.

Everyone’s lives can be enhanced by a pet, and those who choose to should have the opportunity to experience the unconditional love and meaningful relationship a pet brings.

PAAS is honored to work with HSUS in this worthwhile program that serves our pet-owning neighbors in such meaningful ways.