Athlete’s recognition usually involves a title (team sport) and/or a trophy that acknowledges a significant accomplishment.

In the world of rescue, it is acknowledgement by your peers for the work done by your organization. OAA Fur Ball 2017

The Oklahoma Alliance for Animals (OAA) Fur Ball is Nov. 3 rd at the Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa.

The good news, for PAAS, is we are one of the two rescues they chose to receive the “Making a Difference” award.

All of us work hard for the common goals – to save the lives of homeless dogs and cats and help them find a new home.

No two rescues do it the same – but collectively we make a significant difference in the lives of hundreds every year.

Since 2015, PAAS has transferred 2,732+ out-of-state so they could find their forever homes.

When you set down together, lay your differences aside, and agree on a common goal – magic happens.

Here are a few movies, based on true stories/events, that validate this phenomena:

  • Miracle on Ice (against impossible odds the USA Hockey team beat the unbeatable Russian team at the 1980 Olympics at Lake Placid, New York.
  • The 2003 movie, Invictus tells the story how Nelson Mandela’s goal to unite South Africa and prevent a civil war.
  • And then there’s Charlie Wilson’s War – an amazing, true, story of a renegade politician from Texas and an unusual collaboration with Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and others to arm the Afghans so they could defeat the Russians.

Enough history – but that is how great things are accomplished.

A common goal, the willingness to work together and the success that comes with that hard work.

One recognition, for us, is our selection by the Oklahoma Alliance for Animals to receive the “Making a Difference” award.

2,700+ dogs (and a few cats) have found a new home thanks to our partnership with Dumb Friends League in Colorado.

And a huge “Thanks” to the Oklahoma Alliance for Animals for the recognition.