It’s been an amazing year at PAAS.

We’ve saved more lives than we could have ever imagined; we able to help people keep their pets in their homes; we’ve been recognized by organizations and our peers for the good work we’ve accomplished.

Recognition: “Making a Difference” Award at the Oklahoma Alliance for Animals 2017 Fur Ball; Volunteer organization of the year for the Department of Corrections (our inmate/shelter dog training program at Northeast Oklahoma Correctional Center); and a nomination for the “ONE” award by the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits.

By the numbers:

  • 2,545 Oklahoma dogs and cats rescued and served by PAAS in 2017
  • 1,787 dogs/cats transported to and adopted in Colorado
  • 20+ rural Oklahoma rescues/shelters comprise PAAS’ out-of- state network
  • 210 local pet owners served by Pets for Life
  • 406 local dogs and cats helped by Pets for Life
  • 586 dogs/cats spayed/neutered, made possible by PAAS programs
  • 50 feral cats served by the Trap-Neuter- Release program
  • 17 dogs trained by inmates of the PAAS Crew at NOCC
  • 11 inmate/trainers involved in PAAS Crew program at NOCC
  • 7 full and part-time staff and 10 volunteers do all this important work


We are making a difference – not as we had originally envisioned – as an adoption shelter – but a transfer shelter and pet owner resource center.

The numbers truly tell the story.

PAAS in Pictures 2017

2017 PAAS in Pictures