The 4th of July is less than a week away and lots of fireworks will fill the air with colorful displays and loud, loud, loud booms.

The result???

You may celebrate the 4th – but if you’re not careful — you’ll be looking for your dog when the noise dies down.

More dogs become homeless during the first part of July than any other time of the year.

Too many pets are frightened by the loud noises, their families are going in/out the doors and suddenly Rufus/Sally/Big Boy is nowhere to be seen.

They’re running as fast as they can – – the tragedy is they have no idea where they are going or when they should stop.

They just run and run and run.

IF they are microchipped you have a good chance you will be reunited.

While there are lots of microchip companies, a scanner can read all of them.

We recently reunited a dog in Tennessee because he had a microchip.

If your dog is not microchipped but has a tag with your information – that’s great.

IF none of the above applies, get ready to do lots of driving around and I hope you’re successful.

If guests are coming with their pets – be doubly on guard to be sure they go home with them.

The pets that are lost while “visiting” usually present the biggest challenge to be reunited.

Thankfully, Facebook does do an amazing job of helping all of us in rescue.

Type in your town followed by “lost and found pets”, then the county followed by the same 4 words.

It’s amazing how many lost dogs and cats have been reunited!!!

Enjoy the 4th – remember all those who have served our country – or are currently in the military — and be sure your pets are safe!!!!

For the animals – – – Kay Stout and staff PAAS Vinita.