It’s Hot – – It’s going to get Hotter

No matter how many ways we say it – Don’t leave your pets in your car, truck, pick up, SUV, Jeep – anything that has four wheels, a motor, and windows.

Dogs do not sweat.

Let me repeat – – dogs do not sweat.

They pant, vigorously, to stay cool.

When it is hot in a closed up car, their body temperature climbs quickly.

Your quick stop at the convenience store, grocery store – – whatever – – will mean tragedy for your pets.

More and more states are passing legislation that makes it legal for a citizen to break a window to rescue an animal in distress.

No, Oklahoma hasn’t passed it yet but it’s a bandwagon we should be on.

Dogs overheating in cars

The Fourth of July has come and gone. Rescues and municipal shelters have been inundated with lost, frightened, scared pets.

Add to that the pets that will be left in locked cars – – – it is overwhelming for all of us who work in rescue.

Look at the picture – – look at your pet.

Do the right thing when it comes to your mode of transportation and the animals who trust you.