When you live in rural Oklahoma, sometimes there are no “good” answers to this dilemma. There are options …just may not be “answers”.

A dog/cat shows up on your doorstep. It’s clearly hungry and you’re pretty sure you’ve seen it at a neighbor’s house.

Or it shows up hungry and no one has been looking for a lost pet in your area.

What is clear is the dog/cat needs help…food….water…a warm/dry place to sleep.

Thankfully, many rural homeowners do the “right” thing for the animal and give it food, water and a dry place to get in out of the weather.

The real challenge becomes … now what?

Ideally, you befriend them and make an appointment with your veterinarian for them to be “fixed” so they won’t contribute to the massive overpopulation we face.

This is the short-term financial investment with the greatest return on investment!

If you can’t afford to have them “fixed”…the reality is they will continue to add to the pet overpopulation and, for us in rescue, that is so tragic.

If I had a magic lantern, I would rub it to get the $$$$ so we could provide vouchers to everyone who lives in our rural part of Oklahoma so they could get the pets they feed “fixed”.

I would, also, keep a record of who they are, how many we “fixed” and the date. Animal Rights Gold Medal

The data would be invaluable to get a true picture of Pet over Population in rural Oklahoma.

To all of you who’ve called in and, when we couldn’t help you because you were outside our funding area – – or we’ve run out of funds – – thanks more than words can express for doing the right thing and feeding the homeless four-legged pet that showed up at your door.

If you were also willing to get it “fixed” – – in our book you’ve just won an Animal Rights Gold Medal.

You’ve taken care of a pet who has no voice and you’ve prevented future unwanted litters.

The answer is spay/neuter…..fix’em…snip/snip…stop the flood and $$$$$ for all the rescues who work so hard to help.

We’re all in this together – – – – and it takes $$$$ to get ‘em fixed!