There are many different formulas for calculating the number of puppies and kittens that could be born if a pet was not “fixed”.

If you take a very conservative approach, here’s numbers that highlight two things: #1) the sheer number of dogs and cats that could be born in any given area if there is no comprehensive “spay/neuter” program and #2) how serious the problem is for rural Oklahoma communities.

In 2017 – we transported 1,631 dogs/cats to Dumb Friends League in Colorado. All of them were either “fixed” before they left on transport or were “fixed” when they got to Colorado.

So, from a rescue point of view, if each rescued dog/cat had 5 offspring (very conservative), in 2018 that would be 8,155.

One year later – the number would be 40,775.

Then if you add the 600+ spay/neuters done thru our Pet Over Population and Pets for Life programs (1st year = 3,000; 2nd year = 15,000).

Add 40,775 and 15,000 – – the grand total is 55,775.

Two things suddenly become very apparent – – there’s a tremendous need for continued out-of- state transport AND spay/neuter (get ‘em fixed).

It takes both programs, over a 5 year period, for it to truly make a difference. The good news is these programs do make a difference.

We have proof.