Religion and rescue share compassion, passion, and strong beliefs.

However, too often they choose to not work together for a common goal.

In rescue, when this happens – – some or all of the following occurs: On closed groups, bashing becomes a verbal contact sport, progress is halted, wounds are deep and all heck can break loose.

All too often, the original problem or challenge is almost forgotten.

It becomes especially damaging when people are personally, verbally, attacked.

Progress is made, lives are saved and situations can be resolved when everyone thinks twice before hitting the send button and, for a brief moment, read their post as though it was directed TO them.

“Delete” is frequently preferred to “send”.

We do not have to all “save” dogs and cats the same way – – they (the dogs and cats) could care less about “how” they find a new home – – – they just want one.

Home visits work, adoption events work, transfer works – – and the dogs and cats would agree – – – if only they could talk.

Example of collaboration for a common goal: “Charlie Wilson’s War” (movie).

No one trusted anyone – but they all wanted the same goal.

Example of teamwork “The Miracle on Ice”.

The players came from different teams, but they played as a team and beat the Russians.

When differences are pushed too far: The War of Roses.

Everything was lost.

Forgiveness, progress and victory: “Invictus” South Africa did not break out in a civil war, Nelson Mandela forgave those who had incarcerated him, and saw rugby as the unifier for his country… and it worked.