Why We TransferStephens County Humane Society is one of the PAAS Ride-to-Rescue partners. This story explains why our partnership with Dumb Friends League means so much to all of us. My comments are in bold.

In their own words, here’s what Stephens County Humane Society wrote:

SCHS treasures our relationship with PAAS, and, through you, DFL. You have been the answer to prayers for many of our dogs, not the least are two who arrived in Denver this morning. Our vet recommended euthanasia for Jango because of his torn knee ligament. We simply do not have the resources to treat that kind ofinjury , and need to always be thinking about ‘the greater good’ for the most dogs. Getting him to DFL literally – and most sincerely – saved his life.

The other special one on this trip is Lane. This little deafie (translation: he’s deaf) is so smart and has such potential – intelligence & potential that would have been completely wasted if she had stayed in our area. We absolutely have some wonderful people in Stephens County, et al. People who are patient, kind and skillful dog owner/handlers who could certainly handle the challenges of a deaf pup … but these people already have all the dogs they want. Successfully placing a deaf puppy is very difficult for us and we were overjoyed when we approached Rhonda about her going to DFL and she answered back with a simple “of course”!!

We happily make the 502 round mile trip to deliver our dogs to you; and hope to continue to beat the roads between Duncan & Vinita as often as possible. PAAS is doing phenomenal work and we want to continue to be part of your life-saving work. Please let us know anytime we can be of service or help to you.

For all of is at PAAS – -this means so much. Working with our partners and Dumb Friends League in Colorado means more than 4,000 Oklahoma dogs (some cats) have found a Colorado home.