Everyone in rescue looks at a dog, spends a few minutes thinking and then decides
its breed. There may be a few times when we get it correct, but I’m sure the odds
are higher that we may not even be close.

This was brought home to me recently when one of the dogs transported to Dumb
Friends League had been identified as an American Fox Hound mix. The adopters
had a DNA done and – – -hmmmmm- – – Luna is 25% border Collie, 25% Boxer
and 12% German Shepherd. Luna’s Mom didn’t say what the remaining % was.
But you do have to chuckle – – what she “looked like” and her “ancestry” are vastly

It reminds me of a video you can find on youtube: Momondo: The DNA
Journey/Ancestry. It is fascinating to watch, has humor and a lot of surprises for
the participants. So, for most of us, we’re very sure of what our pet “IS” and
we’re probably always 90% wrong – – but does it really matter???

If you’ve done a DNA test you know you’ve been surprised by some of the %’s. I
know I was. We’re all Heinz 57 – – – a lot of different ethnic backgrounds all mixed together.

On a personal note, when we adopted our daughter I asked our pediatrician what
could we expect. He smiled and said: All of us inherit some of the qualities,
personality, etc. from our parents, grandparents, a black sheep or two and a few
surprises. Frankly, it’s a roll of the dice and he was right.

So, we’ll keep on looking at dog or cat and giving it identity. Our chances of being
accurate – – wouldn’t go to the casino or bet on the horses with those odds.

Remember – I may look like an American Fox Hound Mix. I’m a mix of
Border Collie, Boxer, German Shepherd, night-time visitor no one knew