Whatever word you use to describe it – success comes from knowing someone has your back (I’ve got your Six), your team trusts you (and you trust them) and/or you believe in the cause and those who share that belief. And without trust in animal rescue, you will always be fighting an uphill battle.

I recently had someone question the PAAS relationship with Denver Dumb Friends League.

If you go to the Facebook page (or click HERE) you will see a recent NBC interview with EC (in Denver) as our dogs were unloading after an overnight trip.

We’ve been doing it since October of 2015 – and it is based on mutual trust, transparency and honesty.

We understand I’ve Got Your Six – or whatever you want to call it.

Then a professional questioned one of our very successful spay/neuter programs for people who live outside Vinita.

The information we provided, the list of participating veterinarians wasn’t quite enough.

Hmmm – – I’ll answer their questions when we talk – but trust was not part of that conversation.

Now, for the good news.

Lacee, the Pets for Life representative, has only had boots on the ground in Vinita since mid April.

But she has built trust with people and the results are amazing.

She has 73 clients, 82 surgeries have been completed, 50 TNR of feral cats and of the originally 121 unaltered pets she has in her database, only 36 have not been “fixed”.

As she went door-to- door she did meet with some resistance until Tiffany believed Lacee and introduced her to neighbors who trusted Tiffany.

As a result, people welcome her wherever she goes. Good news can pass as quickly as bad news.

Our Pet Over-Population program for pet owners outside Vinita has equally astounding results – 58 dogs and 45 cats have been “fixed” since February.

Based on trust (and following the Denver Dumb Friends League protocol) here’s the astounding results: 2000+ dogs (a few cats) have new homes in Colorado.

18 Oklahoma shelters/rescues follow the protocol and trust us – and each Tuesday 30 – 45+ homeless animals leave for Colorado.

Within 6 days of going on the adoption floor, they have a home!!!!

So at the end of the day – I’ve Got Your Six – I believe in you – I trust you.

It works – look at the numbers – go to PAASVinita on Facebook or just scroll around this website.

Want to help us continue this amazing success – – we take checks, cash, or online donations (HERE) with credit cards and paypal. We’re a 501©3 and it’s tax deductible.