Late last year, when they were calling me “Sasha”, I went to live with Gail for a few months.

She was my foster Mom while I had the treatment for heart-worms.

Companion Dog

I knew I was a lucky girl, so I did everything she asked of me.

What she didn’t know is that I really wanted to just be her “girl”.

Four months later, my treatment is through, she’s decided she really wants to call me Sugar and yes she’s realized I need to be the newest member of her family.

Gail has had lots of medical challenges and I learned that the most important thing I could do was sit quietly beside her in her recliner so she would know she wasn’t alone.

It worked – it really worked. She’s all better now and I’m an important person in her life.

Gail has a giving heart so she decided to visit people who were in hospice care.

One day I learned a gentleman, who’d seen my picture, wanted to pet me. So, Gail took me to meet him.

I knew I had to be on my best behavior with all the people, the staff and any other four-legged friend I might meet.

I passed the test and spent 45 minutes with the gentleman so he could gently stroke my coat and I could give him comfort.

So now Gail and I are frequent visitors.

We know we’re spreading happiness and giving people a chance to enjoy my company.

Yes, this is our picture.