I wish all the rescues in Washington, Oregon, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, the Northeast (Maryland, Maine, et al) who need dogs would visit us – or any rescue in Oklahoma.

There’s a theory in the animal rescue world that we will soon have to import dogs from overseas because there will be a greater demand than can be met within the continental US.


IF, in the next 5 years, we establish hubs in the states with huge, chronic, overpopulation and that is followed by a well-thought-out Spay/Neuter plan for the municipal shelters that are part of the hub – most importantly with funding to be paid to the local veterinarians for S/N until they are swamped.

Then Phase II – a mobile clinic.

But this should not be a part of the conversation until the veterinarians are “slammed” in a good way with too many appointments, too long a waiting list and funding is still available.

IF we use the figures for our transfer program and our S/N programs as an example, then 2030 just might be the “tipping point” to move forward with a collaborative point of view that is close to reality – but not an extreme.

Here is our current story and the facts:

PAAS is a transfer hub for homeless dogs/cats/puppies/kittens.

We currently have 20+ municipal shelters and/or 501©3 rescues who are our partners.

And 3,500+ dogs/cats/puppies/kittens have made the trip to Dumb Friends League in Denver.

So if you use a multiplier of 5 (each dog would have increased the population by 5 had they not been “fixed” ) – you get this staggering number.

And 5 is a conservative number.

3,500+ (DFL), 800+ local Spay/Neuters (Pets for Life and Pet Over Population grants).

The first year 4,300 fewer puppies/kittens.
Second year (4,300 x 5) – 21,500 fewer
Third year (21,500 x 5) – 107,500
Fourth year (107,500 x 5) -537,500

We can’t transfer our way out of overpopulation – we can transfer and S/N our way out of overpopulation – it should be a long-term S/N commitment.

If implemented, the transfer organization would be able to reach isolated communities and rescue/save the unwanted/homeless dogs and cats.

And the transfer needs to be regular, at least twice a month, with 30 – 40 pets.

IF all the current transfer organizations, ie Pilots n Paws, Wings of Rescue, Fetch Fido a Flight – and those who transport going down the road – were backed up with S/N programs – – then – – by 2030 those of us who live in the puppy mill, backyard breeder, “can’t afford to fix ‘em” states (predominantly southern states) both the Reductionists and Expansionists would need to work together moving forward.

For now, there’s a growing focus on transport – – thankfully – – but to be truly successful – it needs funders who “get the picture” and are willing to fund S/N programs in the transport regions for at least 5 years.

And, true to form, after the 4th of July – yes – we have lots of calls for lost pets –  and lots of people who’ve “found” lost pets and want to give them to us.

As for adoption – that isn’t even an option at this point for those of us who are faced with the Pet Over Population epidemic.

We will know we’ve been successful when we can hold an adoption event and people show up to get a pet – not drop one off when no one is looking!!!