It is proven again and again and again – – the power a momma dog or cat has for the babies they are carrying.

It is one of the most rewarding acts we do in rescue – save a pregnant Momma.

Momma Dog (in the pictures) had been in a municipal shelter since 12.4.17 – more than a month.

Very, very pregnant.

She was rescued and brought to the Richardson Rexwinkle Birthing Center, a division of PAAS Vinta.

She arrived late Wednesday evening 1.17.18, was made comfortable and just a few hours later she was in labor.

Today (Jan 18 th ), she’s had 9 puppies – but we’re pretty sure there are more to come.

Yesterday she looked tired, pregnant and scared.

Today she looks tired, not pregnant, and happy.

On the roughest day, scenes like these help us keep on keeping on.

And with the cold weather, all of us have had some tough days when it comes to rescue.

Over the past year, we’ve done 600+ spay/neuters and all of the dogs (and cats) that have made the trip to Colorado have been “fixed” as well.

Yet even with all this good news, there are hundreds of unwanted litters in our neck of the woods every year.

Yes, we’re making a difference and Momma Dog, I know, would say “Thanks” if she could.

Her wagging tail and smile, though, say a lot.

Never, ever, underestimate the power of love between people and animals.

And there’s probably no stronger love than a Mom for her babies – whether they’re puppies, kittens – or a baby.

The proof is in the pictures and the details.