I am so happy and my heart is full. My sweet foster, Charlie, is now with my wonderful, dear friend in

This little dog has been through unimaginable suffering and pain in his short life.

He was picked up in Vinita by the animal control officer, Amy.

She spent 2 hours in freezing rain to coax him out of a culvert. He was freezing, and soaked to the skin.

Knowing he was barely clinging to life, she took this little filthy matted bundle to the PAAS shelter.

Rhonda was busy getting a large transport of dogs ready to go to Denver that night, Two vans full of almost 50 dogs.

Rhonda dropped everything and went to work on Charlie. You can read more about that here.

His body temperature was very low, he was extremely dehydrated and horribly matted.

She spent a couple of hours shaving him, warming him up and gave him warm fluids intravenously.

He was starting to improve, so she put him on a heating pad and called me.

Tom and I rushed over to Vinita to pick him up.

He was so lifeless and bedraggled I couldn’t believe he was still alive.

He settled in at our house, in a warm crate with a heating pad.

I fed him warm soft food and also warmed his water to room temperature.

He was able to recover completely. Heart of a rescuer

He eventually was neutered and had a dental.

He became a happy, playful loving little dog.

I have known my Minnesota friend for several years.

We first met when she adopted 2 little sisters, named Heidi and Hadley, we had fostered through their pregnancies, from the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley, MN.

I had included my phone # on their paperwork and she called me for background on them.

Over the ensuing years we have sent many dogs and pups to her and she has found wonderful homes for them.

She is very picky and an extremely loving person.

We most recently sent Violet to her.

She was the little dog we rescued from a puppy mill breeder.

She had pyometra and was horribly matted.

Our friend at Soggy Doggy Pet Spa was able to shave her down, and PAAS helped by covering her medical expenses, since we were going to foster her.

So you can see why I am resting easy, with a heart brimming over with love and happiness.