We recently celebrated our second anniversary. So it is time to reflect back and look forward.

Best is yet to come at PAAS

Two years ago, we opened the shelter.

Our expectations included lots of people coming through the door to adopt a dog or cat.

Our reality was lots of dogs and cats were coming through the door, but adopters were a rare breed.

Suddenly, six weeks later we had 50+ dogs, 50+ cats and a waiting list for owner/surrenders of 150+ dogs and 175+ cats.

H E L P.!

The solution has been a work in progress, but we have many of the necessary ingredients. They include the following:

  • Weekly transfers to Dumb Friends League in Colorado (25 – 40 animals)
  • A successful pet over population program in the early stages for the area surrounding Vinita – ie: Miami, Welch, Afton, Fairland, Pryor et al
  • A Pets for Life program for the residents of Vinita. The goal is to help the residents keep their pets in their home. This is a planned long-term investment in the community, supported by HSUS Pets for Life.
  • An inmate/shelter dog training program at NOCC. It is changing the lives not only of the trainers and dogs, but the NOCC population as a whole.

This time next year, our expectations are Pets For Life in full operational mode; the pet over population program significantly impacting the residents of the surrounding towns and communities; a certified dog training program for pet owners and those who need a therapy/service dog.

It has been proven that shelter dogs with the right temperament are excellent candidates for training.

Stay tuned, be looking for the PAAS Van (the little one) in the Vinita community – helping people keep their pets.

We are becoming the resource center and we couldn’t be happier!