There is a direct correlation between supply and demand.

A long time ago, there were Cabbage Patch dolls. My daughter was the target age at that time and, yes, her world included one of the dolls.

Were they overpriced – – yes; did they remain a collector’s item – no; did supply eventually exceed demand – – yes.

The same philosophy applies to limited edition cars, trucks, jewelry, and clothing.

Yes I have one expensive purse.

Is the brand as expensive today as it was 10 years ago – – No, not even close.

The supply eventually outnumbered the demand, other purses caught the attention of women and today you can buy one of the purses at a reasonable price.

This correlation also applies to dogs and cats in rural Oklahoma.

There is a consistent over supply of cute, adorable, big, little, fluffy, dogs and sweet, purring cats.

Miss Dixie

Because the supply far outweighs the demand, their value in the marketplace is diminished in Oklahoma.

Thankfully for all of us involved in rescue, the demand outstrips the supply in other states.

As a result, every week hundreds of Oklahoma dogs (and many cats) find themselves in a van, the back of an SUV, or riding shot-gun – headed to their new home.

An example is Miss Dixie and her puppies.

She was homeless.

Fortunately, for her and her puppies, she was rescued and gave birth at the Richardson Birthing Center.

Fast forward several weeks.

Miss Dixie and her puppies arrived at Dumb Friends League in Denver, Colorado.

Within a week all of them (including Miss Dixie) had new homes.

They have a demand, we have the supply.

We are working very hard to diminish the over-supply. Once that happens, Oklahoma dogs and cats will have a higher value.

We’re working very hard to make this a reality.