We don’t need a calendar to know spring is in the air.

Just look at the calves, lambs, baby chickens and bunny rabbits – not to mention puppies and kittens.

It is a time of new beginnings, new life.

The goal, though, is for there to be fewer and fewer puppies and kittens eligible for owner/surrender and/dumped on some country road.

This past year, PAAS has helped 700+ pet owners give their pets “fixed”.

If you conservatively say each “fixed” pet would have had 5 offspring, then next year there will be 3,500 fewer.

And the following year 17,500 fewer.

Those numbers sound great, but they are only the tip of the iceberg.

5 years of concerted spay/neuter programs – – Pets for Life, Pet Over Population and Spay/Neuter clinics — will begin to make a lasting impact on the homeless/unwanted populations.

When you and your family are ready for a new addition and you want it to be a puppy or kitten – please adopt from a local shelter or rescue.

Go online (especially Facebook) and type in the pet breed of your dreams – you will have lots of choices – – and they should all be “fixed” before the adoption if finalized.

If you do bring a pet into your home – and it hasn’t been fixed – – please, please do not adopt until you have the funds to pay for the spay/neuter.

It is the only way we are going to reduce the homeless population.

Embrace the flowers, green grass – – be safe from the tornadoes (we do live in Oklahoma) and pray for rain – no hail.

Make the decision to be a responsible pet owner – then find that one that tugs at your heart.

Spring has arrived and summer will soon be here!!!!