Skin in the game applies to so many different facets of our lives.

When you invest time, money, or talent to a project it has greater significance to you.

This has been proven with our Pet Over Population (POP) grant.

Habitat for Humanity uses sweat equity; The Curbside Chronicle program in OKC helps those who’ve been homeless get back on their feet and into housing.

For PAAS, it helps those pet owners who truly love their pets, but cannot afford $30 to $50 per animal for spay/neuter.

Think about it – if you’re making $10.00 per hour, you’re only bringing home somewhere in the neighborhood of $7.00.

You can figure out how to save $10.00 – – but $40.00 is more than you can justify after you’ve paid rent and bought food, gas, clothes – the necessities of life.

We’ve learned people are so appreciative of the hand-up (not a hand-out).

The stories we hear bring smiles, sometimes tears, but always satisfaction to our busy lives.

And the veterinarians are supportive because the pet owner, once qualified, pays the veterinarian $10.00 and bills us for an agreed balance.

Now for the numbers.

In 18 months, more than 500 pets have been “fixed”.

For sure, that means 2,500 fewer puppies/kittens will be born the first year.

By the 2nd year, it will exceed 12,500.

If you live in a community that needs a POP program, I’d be happy to visit with you, give you guidelines on how ours works.

Yes, you will have to find your own funding, but there are sensible, doable first steps you can take to get the ball rolling.

And success breeds success.

POP saves lives, prevents litters and keeps happy contented pets in your life.