Hi!!! My name is Miss Bitsy and this is my story.

I was found by someone who cared enough to bring me to the Tulsa Animal Welfare.

I only had one eye – and it wasn’t in the best condition. I could see some shadows – but the world was hazy.

Then, for some reason, my hazy eye developed glaucoma and they said I had increased ocular pressure – – not sure what that means – – I just know I was in a lot of pain.

The good people at Tulsa Animal Welfare reached out to Single Dog Seeking rescue who immediately said “yes” to helping me find my place in a home.

I guess after I lost the sight in my “shadowy” eye, I was a bit anxious because now my world was black.

I do remember when they put this special shirt on me.

I heard them call it a “thunder shirt”.

I just know it made me feel safer and not so scared.

I also got to go to doggy daycare a few times a week to build my confidence when interacting with other dogs and the world in general.

The next thing I knew I was on a van headed to PAAS in Vinita.

That was kinda scary.

There were lots of dogs at PAAS and all of us were concerned about what would happen next.

Well…. it turned out all of us got on the PAAS Ride to Rescue van late one Tuesday evening for an overnight trip to Dumb Friends League in Colorado…. a funny name … but a really great place.

Once I arrived at Dumb Friends League, lots and lots of people helped me get through intake and then I was sent to a foster home for some much-needed R & R (Rest and Recuperation).

It didn’t take long before loving care, good food and a safe place to sleep paid off.

I’ve now been officially adopted!!!

I went from homeless, scared, in pain to living the good life with a family that loves me.

I also learned that more than 2,800 homeless/unwanted dogs just like me have made the trip on a PAAS Ride to Rescue overnight to Dumb Friends League.

Thanks – – Tulsa Animal Welfare, Single Dog Seeking, PAAS Ride-to-Rescue and Dumb Friends League.

You are truly life savers – I know – – I’m one that was saved!!!