If you follow PAAS Vinita on Facebook, you will see a “happy” post from Vicki regarding Ella Mae’s adoption…..you will have to scroll back several days – but worth the effort.

As I looked through all the comments, I had to chuckle at some of them, smile at most of them and go “huh?” at a few.

Sometimes, it seems no matter how much you try, how far you drive, how significant the accomplishment, there will be a few who are too ready to jump in and kinda goof up the process.

PAAS Vinita is not the traditional shelter/rescue/adoption facility.

We couldn’t make it work.

We are very successful as an out-of- state transport to Dumb Friends League in Denver.

On July 5 th , 57 dogs/puppies safely arrived at their Buddy Center in Castle Rock, Colorado.

Most of them came from our 18 shelter/rescue/foster partners.

Miss Ella Mae made the trip in late June. Saving Ella Mae

This is her story as told by Vicki – who cared for her with love, egg yolks, good food and a safe place to stay while she healed.

Some one tagged me in a video, several months ago, about a dog that was in the shelter in Harris County Texas. She was pregnant, malnourished and sick. I get tagged all of the time, but this one tugged at me. She was to be euthanized the next day.

After getting an ok from Rhonda, I found a friend, Sallie Dietrich able to pull her and another, Marlene Tindal to foster her overnight, until we could get there. She was pulled just 45 minutes before she was to be euthanized.

Organized a transport party, very difficult at short notice. Could not fill the leg between Fairfield, Texas and south Oklahoma.

My incredible husband, Tom, and good friend and experienced transporter, Butch Bergin, took off early in the morning and drove to Fairfield to pick her up, from Dawn Biddy, who had driven from Galveston with her.

When Tom finally got home with her, I was so shocked at her appearance. So very thin, scared, and hugely pregnant.

Fed her a good meal and she settled down in a bed right next to my bed. She was craving attention and was loving interacting with our other dogs.

Extremely weak, she didn’t move around much the first couple of days.

Bobbie Castle had donated egg yolks left over from her cake business, and Tina Fisher gave me some fresh eggs. These were cooked and put into her puppy chow, along with cooked, ground beef liver and fresh vegetables and cooked chicken.

A trip to the vet showed she was very anemic and suffering from some kind of upper respiratory infection. She was started on antibiotics and some vitamins.

She also had some lumps growing on her neck, that were quite large, the size of small eggs. 5 of them.

Dr. B. was able to remove them, before she was transferred to Denver, and found that they were foreign bodies, most likely bullet fragments.

During this same time frame, I got a call from Kylar Shae who had a tiny 3 week old failure to thrive pup she was trying to save. It weighed 8 oz. and was fading.

Picked it up and brought it home. Using a syringe and a bottle, was able to get food into her.

Ella Mae was quite fascinated with little Angel, kept licking and cleaning her. She finally took her from me and put her with her remaining pups.

After 4 weeks, only Angel remained, and she seemed to comfort Ella Mae.

Ella Mae and Angel stayed with us for a couple of months more, then made the trip with PAAS on a transport to Denver Dumb Friends League.

Angel had a ruptured eye, she had since birth and they removed it when they spayed her.

She was adopted immediately.

Ella Mae also has heartworm, to add to her woes, so the perfect home had to be found.

A home where she could live while being treated by Denver Dumb Friends League for the heartworm. A place quiet and stress free.

She found her place in the sun, after just 2 weeks, and is now settling in with her new family. She will be going back to DDFL for her treatments, and then home to recuperate

This is why we rescue. This is why we transport.