Every time I hear someone in rescue talk about their struggle to build a shelter I want to yell “Don’t build it unless:

  • You have raised enough money via a capital campaign
  • Your local adoptions are at least 30 or more per month, every month.
  • You have committed volunteers (minimum 25) who will work at regularly scheduled times
  • You are part of an out-of- state transport system that helps you keep your local municipal shelter empty of adoptable dogs.
  • You have someone who can write grants
  • You have 3 – 5 supporters who will “fill in the gap” financially speaking so you can keep the lights on, the water hot and gas in the vehicles.

This is today’s reality:

  • Social media has dramatically changed the world of rescue.
  • Out-of- state transport provides a solution for homeless/abandoned dogs (and some cats).
  • Free puppies are still available on too many weekends in the Wal-Mart parking lots.
  • Shelters need to be simple buildings for temporary housing.

The long-term solution is spay/neuter programs. PAAS currently has two programs.

A Pets for Life program for the residents of Vinita and an affordable low-cost plan, for those who income qualify, for the surrounding area.

We’ve discovered when you work collaboratively with the local veterinarians everyone wins….especially the pet owners and their unaltered animals.

There are many rescues that are completely foster-based.

That makes sense in today’s electronically connected world unless you have a big demand every month, locally, for a pet.

So – from my point of view – – please Rethink Rural Rescue before you build a shelter!!!!!!!!!!