Thankfully there are angels amongst us – especially in the world of rescue.

This isn’t a complete list, but it gives a glimpse into the hearts of those who understand – – step up, and make a difference.

Vicki and Tom entered the PAAS world when Miss Ruby went to their house to have her puppies. She was scarred, her teeth had been filed down – it was clear she’d been bred – and used – as a bait dog. Today, Vicki and Tom continue to say “yes” when a pregnant Momma dog comes through our doors.

Rescue angels at paas vinita

Then there’s Jenny and her family. They run the Momma Dog Spa – where once the puppies are weaned – Momma Dog gets to relax and learn how to be a dog – – – a really good dog.

Candy and her family fill in the gaps – – foster a Momma dog with puppies, answer the phones, volunteer at events. When we call – – they answer.

When we first opened our doors, Carole walked through and spent two hours, every day, Monday through Friday, playing with the kittens and cats.

Sadly she had to move and we’ve not found another Carole to take her place – – she is missed.

Teri – oversees the training program at NOCC. She’s organized, loves dogs and is helping us put PAAS on the map for the inmate dog training program.

Then, there’s those special people who have a soft spot in their heart for special dogs – – Megan – an older dog, very scared. Thanks to Stacie and Richard – she’s living the life of luxury complete with tater tots every morning.

We have two dedicated dog walkers, when it’s not too hot – – Beatty and Cissy.

It’s not a complete list – – but it shows there are caring people in this world and they really do make a difference.

From all of us at PAAS – staff and four-legged friends – – – THANK YOU!