The phone rings – you answer it – – and the person on the other end of the line is looking for a (fill in the blank) poodle, shih tzu, heeler, cocker spaniel, yorkie, lab, GSD (German Shepherd Dog), GD (Great Dane), etc. etc. etc.

For shelters and rescues, 75% of the available dogs look like – if they’re lucky – an identifiable breed.

The remainder – – your guess is as good as anyone’s.

Two people can look at the same dog and have two opinions as to breed.

It can be especially challenging when it comes to pit bulls, boxers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Labradors – – boxy heads – – hmmmmmmmm.

It always strikes me funny that a Heinz 57 USA adult wants a blood-line proven pet. PAAS Look a likes

When someone is especially challenging about the breed my come back response is: We do adopt breed specific dogs – but only to those potential pet owners who can prove their ethnicity.

SERIOUSLY!!! – most of us have an opinion as to what we are – but not until you do a DNA test – do you know for sure.

There is a place and a good reason for registered, pure-bred animals.

Yet, when I look at the German Shepherd of today – I wonder what happened to their back ends.

And more and more designer breeds are becoming fashionable – – the labradoodle is an example.

Somewhat like falling in love and finding a mate – – finding a pet should be about “connection” and life-style.

And, if you want to see an interesting journey into DNA – go to youtube – – type in momondo – it is fascinating to watch people discover their ethnicity – based on the science of DNA – – some humorous, some sad.

But the most important take away is: there are probably no “pure bloods” in your family.

Think about it when you want to adopt – – find the dog/cat you love – – that’s the most important – – – and they’re probably in a shelter or with a rescue – – just waiting for you.