Let me set the stage.

Our momma dog/puppy fosters are: Tom/Vicki and Candy/Sarah.

They are an awesome team and, because of their dedication, momma dogs have a quiet place to give birth, nurse, teach, train and love on their puppies.

Here’s an excerpt from one of Vicki’s posts on Facebook.

We have quite a menagerie at our Richardson Birthing Center. A Mama with 4 babies 5 weeks old, 6 orphaned Aussie(?) pups 4 weeks old.

A pregnant Rhodesian Ridgeback due any moment (Ella Mae).

PAAS puppies

Ella Mae is going to be a great mom, she loves the little babies and keeps kissing them. Update: Ella Mae had 13 puppies!!!!

Over at the Rexwinkle Division we have a pregnant hound, due soon. (Update: 9 puppies!) A new mama, pointer(Missy) with her 9 babies 2 days old.

Also leaving tonight for Colorado are 9 Cur type pups, 8 weeks old that were orphaned and raised by Candy/Sarah. (They’re in Colorado – will have new homes shortly).

Waiting in the wings, we have another Mama with newborn pups that has hidden them.

They will be reporting in to be admitted as soon as they are located. Something tells me love was in the air 2-3 months ago.

As Rhonda Norris says, ‘Tis the Season’.

Please folks get your dogs fixed (spayed and neutered).

The mamas and pups that end up at PAAS are lucky and will have great lives.

But so many that are not rescued will live rough lives and even face death from not being wormed, vaccinated, spayed and neutered.

Many will be abandoned on lonely country roads and get hit by cars or shot because they are hungry and go after people’s livestock and chickens.

These puppies are the lucky ones – thanks to the concerted efforts of PAAS, Tom/Vicki, Candy/Sarah, veterinarians and social media!!!