If there are homeless cats and kittens in your neighborhood today – – there will be 50 or more roaming around before you can blink an eye.

There is a solution – it starts with pooling your resources.

If 3 or more families get together to have the cats and kittens “fixed” – – it takes some $$$ for each animal – but everyone pitching in something will quickly lead to enough money to get the job done.

It’s teamwork to save lives, prevent unwanted kittens and manage the homeless cats in your neighborhood.

Cats can be a definite asset to a neighborhood.

They will keep the mice/rats at bay.

Simple housing to keep them warm in the winter and dry when it is raining is also easy to accomplish.

If Facebook is not on your “good” list, ask a teenager to help you. There are lots of sites that show simple cat condos that work very well for neighborhood mousers.

It may take a village to raise a child, but it also takes teamwork and pooling resources to manage the homeless pet population in northeastern Oklahoma.

And it can be done…… it starts with caring people …. it starts with you!!!!

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