We lost an American who suffered 5 years of torture in a prison camp and when he entered the world of politics, he understood how working across the aisle was the only way to get things done.

If you listened to any of the services, that message came through loud and clear.

In the political world I feel we so need Nelson Mandela, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, JF Kennedy – leaders who understand how when you work together, amazing things happen.

For me personally, watching Oklahoma City become a destination city is evidence that collaboration works – – whether saving animals, passing legislation or revitalizing a city.

The same is true in animal rescue.

We do not all follow the same beliefs and procedures when it comes to homeless dogs and cats.

We all have the same goal – find a home for everyone.

However, how we do that varies dramatically between rescues.

Understanding that difference and being willing to work together is all too often the greatest hurdle.

Example: We’ve sent 3,700+ dogs (some cats) to the Dumb Friends League in Colorado.

No, they do not do home visits (they’ll do an estimated 10,000 adoptions this year).

No, we can’t make an exception for the dogs (and cats) we send.

And we can’t send an aggressive dog no matter how beautiful, how much you personally love him.

What we can do is work together when it comes to spay/neuter programs to prevent unwanted litters.

We just need to set aside our differences as it relates to adoption.

And the long-term answer is spay/neuter.

Transport just helps us with the current overpopulation…spay/neuter will move us closer and closer to No Kill of Adoptable Pets.

And, along the way, everyone in rescue will have to decide if they want to work together on spay/neuter, accept the differences when it comes to adoption, and make a difference for homeless/unwanted Oklahoma pets.

It’s possible and it starts with YOU!!!!