If you’re on Facebook, watch the news on television and/or read a newspaper – everyone is upset about something – especially the election.

I have a diverse group of friends that are about 50% to the left and 50% to the right.

It’s the same with rescue.

Play nice in animal rescue

Finding a middle ground where positive steps can be made all too frequently looks bigger than the Grand Canyon.

We recently had an example that brought it home on several levels.

We are working with someone who has puppies that will go on one of our weekly transports.

Timing is everything for it to work, however.

And not only was there a misunderstanding about the time, the story told to the staff and the story relayed to a veterinarian weren’t even on the same page, let alone in the same book (figuratively speaking).

Add to this the many phone calls all rescues/shelters get and suddenly you realize very few people are really telling the truth when they call to see about surrendering an animal.

For those who work at municipal shelters, the pet owners usually just walk in the door with the dog/cat they’re going to surrender and tell a story which may, or may not, be factual.

Frankly, most of them are rarely the truth – – what they tell us is what they think we need to hear in order for them to get rid of their pet by handing it over.

So, no wonder, too much of what you read on facebook and/or read/hear in the media is rarely the truth either.

Not sure where the rubber hits the road on this issue, but not becoming a grumpy, grouchy person who doesn’t believe anything is true can be difficult.

For the most part, if we can, we listen to the story, try to figure out if there are any kernels of truth and then make a decision.

If, for any reason, the decision isn’t what the pet owner wanted to hear, oh dear, then the other side of their personality takes over and we try to remain calm while they threaten, use profanity, infer they will ruin us on social media, or just plain yell and chew us out.

Soooo, if you know someone in rescue, cut them some slack if they become jaded about humanity as a whole.

We’ve heard it all and 80% of the time, it isn’t the truth.