The world of rescue can sometimes get you down and you wonder if you’re truly making a difference.  Denver Dumb Friends League

And……then….. you know you are.

Bob Rohde and Apryl Steele with Denver Dumb Friends League (DDFL) visited PAAS this past week.

We have partnered with them to transfer dogs from Oklahoma to their facility.

Every Tuesday evening our van heads out to DDFL loaded with wonderful dogs looking for a home.

For the rescues and shelters who are currently working with us – – we’re so glad they see the big picture, trust us, and realize that every time a dog from their facility comes to ours – to go to DDFL – they have an opportunity to save another one.

There are two challenges for this process to work – they are:

  1. The rescue realizes there are hundreds of dogs available for adoption, but only a handful of adopters in our geographic area.
  2. For dogs, a shelter or rescue is to them what a hospital or rehab is to us. A good place when you need it, but nothing like home…..and they want a home.

The most important word that makes all of this work, beautifully, is trust.

The dogs trust us to help them – – – that’s the easy part.

The challenge is for the humans to trust each other.

When they (the humans) trust – amazing things happen – – and hundreds of dogs find a new home.

That is what has happened with PAAS, DDFL and the 13 rescues that are our partners.

The exciting thing is we can work with more rescues/shelters because DDFL needs dogs and we are their partners.

Some seeds were planted and we’ve begun to reap the harvest!

PAAS and Denver Dumb Friends League