It really helps when there are “perks” to any job. In the corporate word they can range from front row seats at an NBA game to season tickets to your favorite football/basketball team.

In the world of rescue – – the perks are different.

Here are two of them for those who work at PAAS.

There’s always a big dish of candy in my office – I try to buy what the PAAS staff prefers. Animal rescue job perks

My trainer, 30+ years ago, in the corporate world gave me this suggestion. I’ve used it ever since and it has proven invaluable.

Staff will come in, slowly unwrap a piece of candy and then tell me what I need to know. It works – it really does.

It was an integral part of my management career with Right Management and has continued to this day.

The second perk at PAAS is the free doggy day care for the staff members.

Pictured are Trigger, Duke and Apollo. They all get along and, quite frankly, enjoy being here.

In fact Duke has separation anxiety if left at home, but is perfectly content here even if Craig is not working on that day.

Trigger (Rhonda’s dog) is our resident teenager – cute, lovable and just a little (sometimes a lot) ornery.

Apollo is small, mighty, and glued to Mike. He is not interested in anyone else.

And then there’s Trouble – the office kitten. Aptly named.

He has no fear of anything – will run headlong into the wall, shake his head and then take off again.

The only thing that deters him is spray from one of the water bottles.

He makes me laugh, sometimes disconnects a phone call, will chew on chords if we would let him, loves playing with Duke’s tail and is always up to helping Mary at the front desk.

Rescue is stressful. These guys bring laughter, companionship, tail wags, and loud purrs – – the best medicine for a stressful job.