These are easy words to type – they’re not so easy to become a part of your thought processes. When you can get past the perception and face the reality – acceptance happens.

In rescue there are passionate people who believe in home visits, foster-based rescues, and/or non-profit shelters.

Each has their own version of P.R.A. The key is finding the middle ground to work together.

Pets for Life is now one of the PAAS programs.

It is funded by HSUS and is a comprehensive, boots on the ground, project to help people keep their pets and ensure they will not have unwanted litters.

For too many of us, we truly never, ever see the people who do not live in our neighborhood yet live in the town.

On Wednesday, our volunteer driver – Tom – took 15 pets to Spay Way in Tulsa – all of them qualified for the Pets for Life program.

Late Wednesday evening, he arrived back at PAAS with a van load of slightly tipsy, but “fixed”, pets.

Waiting for them were families and individuals.

Tails wagged, cats purred and everyone left the building feeling so good.

So, for me, my new Perception is to judge no one who is taking good care of their pets.

The reality is – good pet owners come from a wide variety of homes.

Acceptance, for me, is I will only judge bad pet ownership.

Very easy to write – – not so easy to remember.

We have the opportunity to change the future of pets in Vinita.

It takes Perception, Reality and Acceptance – mixed with Pets for Life and wonderful pet owners.