Once upon a time there was a small town on the edge of a river. The people there were good and life in the town was good.

One day a citizen noticed a dog floating down the river.

The person quickly swam out to save the dog from drowning.

The next day this same person noticed two dogs in the river. He called for help, and both dogs were rescued from the swift waters.

And the following day four dogs were seen caught in the turbulent current.

And then eight, then more and now cats were also in the river and the numbers grew at a frightening rate!

The townsfolk organized themselves quickly, setting up watchtowers and training teams of swimmers who could resist the swift waters and rescue the dogs and cats.

Rescue teams were soon working 24 hours a day.

But each day the number of helpless animals floating down the river increased.

The citizens organized themselves efficiently.

The rescue groups were now snatching many animals each day.

While not all the animals, now very numerous, could be saved, they were doing well to save as many as they could each day.

Indeed, the local priest blessed them in their good work.

And life in the town continued on that basis.

One day, however, someone raised the question, “But where are all these animals coming from?”

That person began to walk away and the others frantically called out to her to stay.

They shouted at her, “where are you going ?!?!”. She said, “I am going to the head of this river to stop whatever is causing these animals to be thrown into the river in the first place.”

This is, all too often, how rescues get started, become overwhelmed and forget to “stop the madness”.

Rescuing helps, spay/neuter provides a solution.

Like most rescues, PAAS is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Your tax deductible contribution plays a vital role in saving homeless dogs and cats.