Let’s go ahead and start with the not…What We’re Not

It’s hard for people to understand, when they look at the PAAS building that we can’t say “yes” and help every dumped/abandoned/no longer wanted dog/puppy or cat/kitten.

In a perfect world, we could say “yes” – – but this world isn’t perfect.

We are not an emergency shelter – we do not have a veterinarian on-site.

We are not open 24 hours per day.

We can’t put the dogs/cats in the shelter at risk. Some days this risk is higher than others – – puppies involved – high, high risk. Sick animals – depends on the diagnoses.

Do we wish there was either an emergency shelter or the veterinarians in the area had a rotating after-hour- emergency number?

Absolutely – but remember this isn’t a perfect world and all of us, including the veterinarians, cannot be available 24/7.

Soooo, if you pick up an abandoned dog, especially, be prepared to keep it for a few days.

If it looks healthy – it probably belongs to someone.

Take a picture, put up flyers in your area at convenience stores, grocery stores, veterinary clinics – – and most importantly post the picture with a story on the appropriate Facebook pages that are focused on lost and found pets in your area.

I can’t tell you how many times an abandoned pet is not truly abandoned – it just can’t find its way home.

What We Are

We are an innovative organization that has found homes for 2,000+ homeless pets in less than 2 years.

How?? We transport to Dumb Friends League in Colorado.

There they are adopted within 6 days – – think about it.

They do not sit in a shelter’s kennel waiting and waiting for someone to come through the door and say “yes” I want you.

They are in a home – – a real bona fide home.

We are a source to get help with pet over-population.

If you live within the Vinita City limits – call Lacee at (918) 240-7950.

We have a comprehensive Pets for Life program that can help you. To date 91 pets have been “fixed”.

If you live within the surrounding areas – – Welch – Miami – Afton – Chelsea – Claremore – Adair –Grove –Cleora – Bernice – Eucha – Spavinaw – Pryor – Fairland – and any areas in between – – call Mary at (918) 256-7227.

If you qualify, financially, you can get your pets “fixed” for $10.00 per pet.

To date, 120 dogs and 93 cats are “fixed”.

We also work with the Northeast Oklahoma Correctional Center. Selected shelter dogs live with inmate/trainers 24/7. They stay there until they can pass the canine good citizens award.

We are making a difference.