In the corporate world, as a consultant, I learned the importance of the little things that will keep a good employee or send them running out the door.

My first mentor told me to keep a jar filled with candy (mostly chocolate) on my desk, with a chair nearby. Why?

Doggie Day Care at PAAS

Because an employee will come in, sit down to open some of the candy and eventually tell you what’s bugging them.

Over the years, I’ve spent thousands of dollars on chocolate and it has been the best employee investment I’ve ever made.

PAAS is fortunate to have a beautiful building to house the animals waiting to find their forever homes.

I also quickly figured out one of the perks for my employees was to let them bring their pet to the office.

It makes for fun times and a chance to decompress.

Many companies today have learned the value of pets in the workplace, 20 years ago it was a complete no-no.

Picture a beautiful chocolate lab who loves to grumble (never growl), waits patiently for treats, is exceedingly patient with pesky dogs and, no matter what, leaves a smile on your face when you see him.

Next comes a hyper, young, dog who’s main goal at this point is to cause some trouble, pester the begeebies out of everyone, and in general make you laugh at his antics.

Last, and in his opinion the most important, is a yorkie with the attitude of a muscle dog. He rules the place, follows his owner everywhere and complains loudly if left behind for even a few minutes.

At the end of the day, they’ve helped us release tension, been there when we needed to pet a dog and the employees have enjoyed working (it is hard work – believe me) because when they needed it – they could reach down, pet their best friend, and then get on with the work.

It doesn’t work in every office, but more businesses should try it.

It really works.

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And, if you work in an office – hmmmm – – maybe you can bring your dog to work at least once in-awhile.