No, the year isn’t wrong. It was April 18, 2015 when the Peaceful Animal Adoption Shelter opened its doors to the public.

Petey was the symbol of what went wrong and why changes needed to be made.

Petey the cat

When he lost his life it was the catalyst that led to action.

Today – almost two years later – PAAS has become so much more than was envisioned in 2015.

Through collaboration, trust, hard work, financial support and an incredibly dedicated team, more than 1500 dogs and cats have come through our doors and found a forever home.

The big difference is where they found that home – 95%+ in Colorado thanks to a partnership with Dumb Friends League based on trust, open communication, excellent veterinary protocols, and shelters and rescues throughout Oklahoma (and Arkansas) who work with us.

In addition, we have a great low-cost spay/neuter program for income-qualified pet owners in our area.

This is really the long-term solution to the homeless dogs and cats – and we know it works because there are many cities throughout the US that have figured it out.

For us, it is rewarding to see the grateful smiles and hear words of gratitude from pet owners who love their pets, but need financial help to get them “fixed”.

The beauty of this program is that once they’re “fixed”, there will be no unwanted litters for that female pet, and the male pet won’t go wandering to increase the population.

Our truly “feel-good” program is the shelter dog training program we have the Northeast Oklahoma Correctional Center (NOCC).

The long term rewards for this program will be significant.

This program saves the dog’s life and changes the inmate. In addition, we know from letters and conversations, it has a positive impact on an inmate’s family as well. And there is both empirical data and statistical to support this.

We’ll be busy on the 18th – but at some point, we’ll stop, look around, give ourselves a pat on the back and keep moving forward.

Stay tuned, follow us on Facebook (PAAS Vinita) and remember, we are a 501(c)(3), tax deductible organization.

Your contributions play a keep role in our success.

You can contribute HERE or find a link on facebook. Our mailing address is PAAS, PO Box 491, Vinita, Ok 74301.