Sometimes, when I’m bored, my mind can really take off on a tangent. This is one of those times.

I was reading the local newspaper, The Vinita Daily Journal. It was the edition that lists the churches in this area – and yes – – in rural northeastern Oklahoma, Vinita vicinity, there are 101 Churches.

Is it any wonder people in rescue have trouble getting along. Good Grief.

My mind frequently goes in circles when I’m thinking about a subject or problem, of course the 101 Dalmatians was a given.

However, 101 churches/preachers/buildings/members and they all will tell you they believe in God.

Is it any wonder animal rescuers sometimes have trouble agreeing on how homeless dogs and cats should be adopted.

Dalmation puppies

Several rescues/shelters have partnered with us to save dogs.

Each of them has made the decision that the best way to save the most dogs is through transfer to an out-of- state organization.

Fortunately, for us, our partnership with Denver Dumb Friends League has given us the opportunity to save more than 1,000 dogs.

The process is built on trust. Likewise, our partners have to trust us.

It’s hard to put into words the feeling when you see the transfer board filled with names on Tuesday afternoon and wiped clean on Wednesday.

This week that meant 33 dogs successfully arrived in Denver.

For those who want to do home visits and personally know the adopter – we could work together. No we won’t expect you to send us dogs – but we can refer people to you who are looking to adopt.

There are adoptable dogs currently in our building but they are scheduled for transfer on Friday night, so you may hear dogs barking – but they’re spoken for.

No – we don’t know who – – but we trust DDFL.

An example, an abandoned, pregnant, golden lab gave birth at PAAS.

Fast forward 10+ weeks and she and her puppies are in Denver.

The foster home has cameras to monitor their “pup room” when they’re away from the house. Just think about it.

An owner/surrender, beautiful blue heeler left last week – she’s in her new home.

It just doesn’t get any better than that for us.

However, we realize that our partners and us are only 20 of 101 rescues and just like churches – we all believe in the same goal – but getting there is another story.